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Show #17: Single moms: trusting God + thriving in Christ | Special guest: Zaneeka Hill

This episode is all about encouraging single mothers in Christ to pursue godly womanhood in this season of their lives. Because listen, Biblical womanhood isn’t just for wives, it’s for all women. Living for God as daughters of God according to His Word.

On the show, Zaneeka is going to share her story, how the Lord transformed her life after becoming a mom and how the gospel of Jesus frees single mothers from the guilt of a troubled past. She will also talk about and dispel the misconceptions of single motherhood and much, much more. 

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Show #16: Cultivating physical and spiritual beauty as Christian wives

This episode is a follow up show on the blog post I did on how important it is that we as wives look our best appearance wise toward our husbands and the importance of us being adorned in Christ spiritually. These two things work together as we serve our men and shine the light of Christ to them in our homes.

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Show #15: Trusting God with our husbands as they make decisions

Any wives out there ever feel like they have to comment on every detail, every move, every decision that their husband’s makes?

BUT what if trusting God means being quiet while our husband’s wrestle with God’s instructions on how to lead and cover our families?

On the show, we are going to dive in Mary's story. Not only was she a mom, but she was a wife. And I noticed something I'd never noticed before in Matthew 2. Tune in!

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Show #14: Why don't we look to God's Word for instructions on how we should live as Christian wives?

On the show we are going to be addressing 3 reasons why we as Christian wives might not be looking to God’s Word on how we should live in our homes towards our husbands.

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Show #13: SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT | The Lightingale’s new mission + vision

If you haven’t noticed, things around here on TheLightingaleblog.com have changed. While we’ve completely transitioned here, The Lightingale Podcast listeners may not be aware of what’s going on. So, I posted a short episode explaining the new mission and vision of The Lightingale moving forward. TUNE IN!

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Show #12: Learning how to rest as a Christian creative | Special guest: Ashlee + Kelli Wright

Ashlee and Kelli Wright are sisters-in-law and co-founders of Charlotte-based Creative Collected, which exists to cultivate healthy creativity through rest and wellness. Alongside their online platforms, they host local gatherings called Wellness Collected that focus on mind, body, and spirit health. Their heart for ministry is inspired by the teaching of Jesus Christ, "come to me all who are weary and heavily burdened and I will give you rest." (Matthew 11:28)

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Show #11: Fighting for the unborn | Special guest: Vicky Kaseorg (listener discretion is advised)

Wife, mother of 3, former business owner and author Vicky Kaseorg became the Volunteer Coordinator for Cities4Life in Charlotte, NC in 2016. On the show, she shares about her abortion experience and the forgiveness and healing she received from the Lord. Now, she is on the front lines sharing her story with others and training new volunteers to effectively counsel abortion-minded women.

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Show #10: Kicking your career goals into high gear | Special guest: Keosha Oliver

Mom, multipreneur and career coach Keosha Oliver shares practical tips on starting a new career, navigating the job field post-graduation and exactly how homemakers can re-enter the workforce. Keosha also shares her testimony to encourage that woman who has completely given up and we will talk about learning to serve in the current jobs we have, even if it’s not where we *feel* we should be. (Preach, Joseph!)

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Show #9: Are we living as good girls or God’s girls? | Special guest: Katrina McCain

Wife, mom, former model and published author, Katrina McCain will share the funny story about how she got started in modeling, the role her parents played as she turned back to following after God, the freedom that she experienced when she released the mindset of perfection, obedience preceding our feelings, the importance of knowing our identity in Christ, why it's important to see if the man interested in you has a hyena spirit or a lion spirit, and so much more! 

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Show #8: Why is mental health important to God? | Special guest: Dr. Cerrissa Hugie, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

My sis and best friend, Dr. Hugie sheds some much needed light on why mental health and having a stable mind is important to God. She also explains why emotional vulnerability and intentional self-care is so necessary to live a productive, healthy life.

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SHOW #7 - Why do we believe God will deliver everyone else, but we don’t believe He will deliver us?

We kick off season 2 with a question: why don't we believe God will move mightily on our behalf? We can believe Him for everyone else, but just not ourselves. Listen to the 3 reasons why we struggle with that stagnant and toxic way of thinking.

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SHOW #6 - Jesus makes all things new (mother's Day special)

In this May episode, I talk about the faithfulness of the Lord and how He truly reconciled the relationship between me and my mother.

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Show #5 - Comfort is a liar (my testimony)

When we make Jesus our Lord and Saviour, we will never be the same. Things won't be easy, but Jesus will be with us. He is faithful to make us new. In this episode, I share my testimony and how Easter Sunday 2018 changed everything.

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Show #4 - Having an attitude of gratitude | Special guest: Nakita Davis

Nakita is a wife, mother of two, minister, author, Christian speaker, and blogger over at JesusCoffeeAndPrayer.com! Nakita just wrote her first book, a 14-day devotional: Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer - an attitude of gratitude series. On this episode, Nakita and I talk wrestling, Bojangles, the importance of community, using the gifts of God for His glory and rejoicing always in every situation. 

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Show #3: Glorifying beauty and minimizing character 

In this 3 part series, we look at a few imperfect women in the Word who chose to be courageous and step up in living their lives full of character, wisdom, and discretion in the Lord.

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Show #2: The role of submission in marriage | Special guest: my husband, Tyson Richardson

We are not professionals, we are not counselors and we are not experts - however, in our years of being married, we have learned so much. In this episode, my husband Tyson and I pass along some tips we've learned along the way.

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Show #1: exchanging procrastination for obedience

Jesus doesn't desire to see us bound up by sin, religion or any other hindrance. He died and rose again so that we could be free and run free in Him!