We completed our first EVER photo challenge!

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Hey, everyone! I'm a bit late with this update, but y'all, we successfully completed our FIRST EVER photo challenge! YAY! I am so, so THANKFUL to Jesus. He was faithful to this from start to finish. He gets all the glory!

5 women participated but only 3 were eligible for the drawing at the end. I’m so honored to announce De'Nita Moss as the winner of the 2018 #LightingaleJuneChallenge! She won a brand new Bible and notebook from Lifeway and a Starbucks gift card! De’Nita is so kind and friendly, I'm just so happy for her! 

We did the drawing live on our Instagram and Facebook page! Check it out here:

I'm so thankful to all the beautiful ladies who participated. Jesus truly loves us and I’m so glad we all got to share and testify of His goodness. Again, this whole thing from start to finish was God’s grace and power shining through. He gets all the praise for it! God willing, we will do this again in 2019!

If all goes to plan, we want to bless 2 ladies next year! If you would like to help sponsor the giveaway, drop me a line at hello@thelightinaleblog.com or leave a comment below on this blog post!

Talk with you soon!

Until next time,

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