The Lightingale's FIRST EVER photo challenge!

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Hey everyone! I am so excited to announce's first ever Instagram photo challenge!

I have had the privilege of participating in 2 Instagram challenges and it was so much fun! SO, for the month of June, The Lightingale is hosting it's VERY OWN! YAY! The challenge starts tomorrow (June 12th) and I am so, so excited to share the theme and the prompts with you all:

Lightingale june challenge final-2.png

YES! It's all about lifting up the name of Jesus and sharing how He is loving on you in your life! So excited to read what you all write.

To be eligible to win:

1- Must be following @lightingaleblog on Instagram

2- Must complete the challenge from start to finish

3- Must tag each photo with #LightingaleJuneChallenge

4- Account cannot be private

5- Must reside in the United States

By God's grace, I had the opportunity to win BOTH photo challenges I participated in back in 2017 and in this year! I also received great prizes as the winner! SOOOO, I'm UBER excited to give away a prize to the winner of THIS challenge! WHOOT! WHOOT!

So, get your cameras ready:

If you have any questions hit me up at or leave a comment!

See you tomorrow,

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