Happy 3rd birthday to our superhero son, Elijah!

Today is such a special day. 3 years ago, my husband, Tyson and I welcomed our Elijah into the world.

September 25, 2014

September 25, 2014

I just can't believe we have a 3-year-old! I am so happily overwhelmed!

3 years ago today, Tyson and I became parents for the first time. We found out we were pregnant with Elijah 2 months after we got married, so we were freshly married and we were already expecting! Let's just say as a new wife, my emotions (and hormones) had me on a wild ride. We had a blessing on the way, and I was so nervous. But looking back on it, I don't know why I was. Elijah was exactly what we needed from the Lord at the perfect time. I'm so glad he came when he did.

God used Elijah to teach us so much about ourselves. We learned how to be more responsible, how to plan, how to stick together and most importantly, we learned how to trust Jesus. God has been so faithful to our family. I will forever say that. This blog post would be too long to read if I typed out all that the Lord has brought us out of and into. God has had our entire family in His Hands. He prepared Tyson and I to be parents to a patient son who was understanding and loving even when we didn't always get it right as parents. That was nothing but the grace of God.

Our big boy, Elijah has so many interests. He loves superheroes: Superman, Batman, The Flash, Captain America, Goku, Daniel Tiger, the list goes on and on. Right now, when he's saying a charcter that has "man" at the end of it, they all sound like “man-man-man,” haha! Tyson and I get such a kick out of hearing him say that.

Elijah also loves to sing. I mean, really sing. Loudly. He will confidently sing along to a song that he has never heard before like he's known it the whole time. It sounds like melodic mumbling. He's not afraid to try new things and we will support that for as long as we can. Mumbling today can turn into an amazing thing in the future. Along with music, he loves musical instruments and playing his little guitar along with his dad. Every time he sees Tyson pick his up, Elijah picks his little toy guitar up and strums along. Nevermind he has popped off his little strings, but we get the general idea, haha. We want to fan those flames while he is young to cultivate the things the Lord has planted in his heart.

My favorite thing about Elijah is his smile and his hugs. He is in a stage where he is following me around the house. He loves to help me and just be near. It won't be like that always, so when I want to be annoyed (and I am sometimes) I try to remember that he is loving me in his own special way and I need to try my best to nurture him, as a mother should.

My little baby. Well, more like, my little boy.

I am enjoying watching him grow up. I have had the pleasure of staying at home with him since he's been born, so I've gotten to see it all. My patience has been tested on numerous occasions, but it's been worth it. I've been able to see his first smile, hear his first word, watch him take his first steps, and help him on the potty for the first time. By God's grace, I have been able to see it all. I praise God so much for that.

I realize that he will eventually start school, make friends, grow up on me and just not be around mommy and daddy so much, but until then, we will celebrate him and love on him best we can.

We've been blessed by the Lord in having Elijah, so I am learning to take it all in – the good and the crazy – with a heart of thankfulness and gratitude.

 I hope and pray that he will always know how much he is loved by us and by Jesus.

Hubby snapped this picture of Elijah over the weekend, and let me tell you - this picture is EXACTLY who he is! Excited, fun-loving, big-hearted, caring and FULL of LIFE! He is so happy all the time. I hope and pray that that never, ever changes. I am so glad to be this little boy's mama! We are crazy blessed! A very happy birthday today to our first-born, our new 3-year-old, Elijah K. Richardson!

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