Summer heat...what do I eat? | June blog contributor: Tanesha Bryant

Hey gals, Danielle here! My sister, TaNesha Bryant is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, blogger and a personal trainer in Columbia, South Carolina. I am so honored that she agreed again to share some tips to help us reach our 2018 fitness goals!

She spills all the deets and drops some serious knowledge in this month's GET FIT feature! So, let's get into it! Here's TaNesha:


Let me begin by giving a huge "thank you," for the opportunity to guest blog. It has taught me a lot about what I do that can help others but also about what can be modified so that I can be better. 


The summer heat makes it so that I don’t want to cook. It happens every summer without fail. However, I have learned over the years that you can be just as creative in preparing meals without firing up the oven all the time. This week, my wonderful husband was not going to be around a microwave. So, instead of plain old sandwiches, I (without a recipe) made chicken pasta salad.

I was ecstatic to find this pasta option at the store:


This is just one idea. I wanted to share this meal because it doesn’t take long to prepare, and this made a huge bowl for both my husband’s and my lunch.

I want to encourage you, don’t let the summer heat get you down and out about what you eat. There are amazing fruit and vegetables available this time of year. All of the melons help with hydration and are a great afternoon snack. Cucumbers and tomatoes with vinegar can be another refreshing snack.

Another thing to keep in mind, the summer months are a great time to get the kids involved in helping make some healthy choices. Juice pops are some favorites. You can buy a mold for cheap and create all different types.

My biggest recommendation is, do not leave it up to guessing. Keep some vegetables and fruit cut up and put them in the fridge. If you have the option, use the grill. It is an easy way to get a week’s worth of meals done and not heat the house up!

When the heat gets really bad, then resort to one of my favorites, a smoothie packet that you can keep in the freezer. A refreshing smoothie can be filling, nutritious and cooling. 

Instead of being tempted to stop at the drive through you have easy options at home.

So, here is the question that I think we all have: how do we work out in summer? It’s hot and all we have to do is think to sweat! This is the prime time to have a gym membership. If you pay for it then you aren’t going to waste your money. There are plenty of classes you can take. The best part is the gym is probably air-conditioned! However, maybe this isn’t an option for you. That's okay. Workout at home at least 30 minutes a day. Get yourself into a routine. My favorite summer activities are swimming and riding a bike.


This is a picture from our summer workouts with my sons, niece and nephew. Don’t forget to get the kids involved. You are leading by example and they will enjoy the time spent. Their form may not be perfect but teaching kids about being active and healthy is crucial. Get them into working out and into the kitchen!

TaNesha lives in South Carolina with her husband and 2 sons. You can follow along with her on FacebookInstagramPinterest or send her an email at

Thanks for reading!

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