Podcast show #9: Are we living as good girls or God's girls? | Special guest: Katrina McCain

Happy October! Ya’ll, October 4th, 2018 marked The Lightingale Podcast’s 1st birthday! TO GOD BE THE GLORY! Thank you for being a faithful supporter and listener! God has exceeded my expectations here and I’m so thankful to Him for this milestone.

I am overjoyed about this month’s podcast! This will actually be the last show for 2018! We will kick things back off in January of 2019! Excited!

The beautiful Katrina McCain is on the show and she is not only gorgeous, but she is a WARRIOR in the spirit. I had the honor of reading her new book, Beyond Being Good: Seeking Christ’s Perfection for Our Imperfect Hearts. Wow. In her book, she is open about her powerful testimony. Each line is chockfull of wisdom and grace. It’s one of the most authentic books I’ve ever read. I hate to admit this, but I don’t finish most books I read in a few days, but I couldn’t put Katrina’s book down. It resonated with me deeply, because I often struggle with looking like a good girl instead of resting in knowing I am already God’s girl.

The even better part, the tone and spirit of her words in this book, is exactly how she is in person. This interview and our conversation we had after we stopped recording was such a blessing and so refreshing!

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Katrina McCain is a former Fashion Model from Charlotte, NC. She is the founder and president of Pearls of Hope Outreach and has a passion to encourage women of all ages to live for Jesus authentically, in spite of the culture that tells them they can’t. She's earned a BA in Literature from UNC-Charlotte and  holds an MA in Education. She is the proud wife of her husband, Jarrett, and mother to her sweet girls, Kailyn and Jaelle.

In this episode, Katrina will share the funny story about how she got started in modeling, the role her parents played as she turned back to following after God, the freedom that she experienced when she released the mindset of perfection, obedience preceding our feelings, the importance of knowing our identity in Christ, why it's important to see if the man interested in you has a hyena spirit or a lion spirit, and so much more! 

Are y’all ready?

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You can purchase Katrina’s new book Beyond Being Good: Seeking Christ’s Perfection for Our Imperfect Hearts, here. Also, follow Katrina on Instagram right here!

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