Podcast show #11: Fighting for the unborn | Special guest: Vicky Kaseorg

Hey y’all! Missed you so much! :)

We are almost at the end of February, but I couldn’t let the month end without bringing you a new episode of The Lightingale Podcast.

Quite honestly, this was a challenging month for me. But I know it’s because of the many breakthroughs my husband and I are experiencing in our marriage and because of the topic I knew God was speaking to me about for this month’s podcast.

Spiritual warfare is real. (Ephesians 6) But through Jesus, I already know I have the victory. I have been prayerful and totally dependent on God as He has pressed on my heart to share and speak about one of the most debated and heated issues going on in America today. The issue of abortion. Taking the life of the preborn.

God already has spoken about this issue and it is just evil and wrong. And it’s getting worse as 2019 unfolds. The laws protecting this vile thing are getting more and more extreme. God told me it was time to speak up.

When we moved to Charlotte, NC from Columbia, SC — I’d never seen people standing outside of abortion clinics before. I was amazed at the boldness that these people had to speak with women who were just steps away from allowing a doctor to legally kill their growing baby. My heart was moved and so broken. Still is.

But God is using these men and women to stand in the gap to plead to God and to these mothers to not kill their children. They are sharing the hope of Jesus with them and every day these precious mothers are responding and choosing life for their babies! Hallelujah!

I had to speak with someone. And by God’s goodness and grace, he opened up the door for me to speak with a beautiful woman working with Cities 4 Life Charlotte with a willing heart to share her powerful testimony.

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Vicky Kaseorg, born in Pennsylvania in 1956, studied art and writing at Binghamton University in NY, and became a professional artist early in her career. It was in Binghamton that she met and married her husband 38 years ago. She is the mother of 3 children and has authored over 20 books.

In 2014, Kaseorg wanted to write a book about volunteers who stood outside abortion centers encouraging women to choose life over abortion. As a result of her research for the book, she immediately recognized that God was calling her to volunteer with Cities4Life. That decision led to breaking the silence of her own abortion four decades earlier. As in all things, God used that horrific painful past for good, equipping Kaseorg with an empathy for the women on a similar path of destruction not only to their babies, but to themselves.

In 2016, Vicky became the Volunteer Coordinator for Cities4Life, training new volunteers to effectively counsel abortion-minded women.

On the show we will be discussing the aggressive agenda of abortion in our country today, what God says about that precious life forming in the womb and the forgiveness He gives through Christ for those who have chosen to abort their unborn child.

If you are a pregnant mother who is considering abortion, I pray and plead with you to listen to this show and allow God to show you that there is hope through His Son, Jesus. That baby isn’t a mistake and neither are you.

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If you want to donate resources, volunteer or support this ministry visit Cities4Life Charlotte’s website: here. Also you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook.

Love y’all!

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