Podcast show #4: Having an attitude of gratitude | with Minister Nakita Davis

Happy March, everyone! Is 2018 flying by or is it just me? Hope and pray you all have been well!

Just a few updates! Y'all, we welcomed our sweet princess, Olivia Wonder Richardson into the world on February 1st, 2018! She's been such a joy and blessing to our family. It's sleepless nights these days, but I don't mind. She won't be a little over a month old forever, so I'm taking it all in. It's a labor of love. Really desiring to live in a way that is more grateful to the Lord. He's more than worthy of that, amen?

Speaking of gratefulness and gratitude, this month's podcast is going to bless you:

Episode 4 blog graphic.png

So excited, so grateful, so READY to share this beautiful interview with you. My sis, Minister Nakita Davis will be the first interview that I've done on the podcast with a powerful lady who is doing amazing things in the Charlotte and surrounding areas!

Nakita is a wife, mother of two, author, Christian speaker, and blogger over at JesusCoffeeAndPrayer.com! Nakita just wrote her first book, a 14-day devotional: Jesus, Coffee, and Prayer - an attitude of gratitude series. Nakita stands on the fact that in her life, she needs "a whole lot of Jesus, a little bit of coffee and much-needed prayer." On this upcoming episode, she and I talk wrestling, Bojangles, the importance of community, using the gifts of God for His glory and rejoicing always in every situation. 

Go grab her new book, listen to the show on  iTunes or listen right here: