Podcast show #6: Jesus makes all things new (Mother's Day special)

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! I hope and pray that you enjoy this beautiful day! If you are a mom, I pray that you feel loved and valued by your family. If you are able to love on your mom, I hope you make her feel special and cared for. 

My mother and her grandson, Elijah (2014)

My mother and her grandson, Elijah (2014)

I am so excited to share this month's special Mother's Day podcast with you. It is near to my heart. Not many people know this, but my mother and I had a terrible relationship as I was growing up. I was bitter, I resented her and I shamefully fell into the trap of actually loathing my own mother. It was a mess. My heart was a mess and I needed help. I pridefully wouldn't have admitted that to anyone, but God knew what I needed and He didn't leave me with the sinful heart and mind I had toward my mom. 

The Lord is truly a good Father. He knows us because He made us and He wants what's best for us. He will help us get there.

In this month's episode, I talk about the faithfulness of the Lord and how He truly reconciled the relationship between my mother and I. You'll also hear about what I'm learning as a wife and mother with 2 children of our own. I pray you are blessed and encouraged!


Note: We will be taking a break for the summer, so we will kick off with a new show in August! Thanks for being a faithful listener.

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