Homes of grace interview with the Laundry Hour Podcast

Hey y'all! Thank you for stopping by. I am SO excited to share this recent opportunity that I got to share with a sweet sister of mine.

Jaime Williams of The Laundry Hour podcast had me on her show talking about all things motherhood! She is a beautiful daughter of God and loves Jesus so much. It was an honor being on her podcast!

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On the show, I was able to share a bit about why I started The Lightingale, what my home life looks like, how I feel God has called me to build my home, the mission statement of The Richardson family and a few home-life scriptures!

How many wives and mamas out there know how much of a challenge it is to be these things? To not only just do it, but do it righteously, joyfully and with a willing heart? It's difficult. Plain and simple. We won't always get it right, but when we get up and allow Jesus to take over, it will be beautiful.

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