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Happy New Year! 2018 is HERE! Can you believe it? God is so good and He has been so faithful to us. Anyone planning a diet change, here in the new year? Well, if so, we have a special treat this month. 

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My sister, TaNesha Bryant is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, blogger and a personal trainer in Columbia, South Carolina. I am so honored that she agreed to share some tips to help us ladies jump-start our new year!

She shares all the deets and drops some serious knowledge for us today! So, let's get into it!


My name is TaNesha Bryant and as you can see I have been many different sizes. That photo of my wedding almost 9 years ago cracks me up! Skinny is not always healthy.

When we had our son in 2009, I had gotten to 175 lbs. I lost some of that weight just by being stressed (never the way to lose weight) and I gained some from stress eating.

This became a pattern.

I am a stress eater. When I was in high school I did not eat. I actually could go days without eating and would often play it off like I had eaten. When I reflect back on those years, I realize it was about control. Neither way is healthy, but it is true: emotions and eating go hand in hand.

I had to come to a place of acceptance in order to get to a place of change. Before we go any further, please remember this:

3 years ago, I chose not to wait until the new year to start going to the gym. I'd spent the previous 2 years before that back and forth in the “healthy craze.” When I made the mental connection that I felt better when I worked out, it finally clicked. I wish I could say that was it!

It is perfectly fine to want to be healthier for yourself.

Being active and working out is a big part of a healthier lifestyle, but the most important thing that needs to be grasped is eating habits. When I train, I never completely cut out something in my diet or my client’s diet, but in order for me to get mentally in the game, I cut out my "Achilles heel" foods.

For me, this was coffee, bread, and sweets.


A little humor from my boys! I am sure this was how they visioned me when I said I was not going to have coffee.

I do drink coffee now, but I am better about my intake. I do not consume a lot of bread or pasta because of health issues I have developed, but I will talk more about that next month.

Now, let’s get you started! My number one saving grace in being successful is MEAL PREP! Let’s look at how this can work:

Meal Prep:

  • When: Sunday afternoon
  • How: as simple as possible
  • What: protein, fruit, vegetables, grains, lots of water

Example Day:

  1. Breakfast:
  • Eggs (Boiled), Whey protein shake (I use Dotfit products because they work. I add oats, powdered peanut butter, ground flax seed and almond milk) I actually put my shakes in mason jars for easy travel and access!!

       2. Morning Snack:

  • Carrots and hummus (The idea is to pair the vegetable and protein, so, it may be cucumbers and a low-fat cheese stick.)

       3. Lunch:

  • Salad in a Mason Jar (Confession: I use a meal prep service to make my lunches, google "meal prep services" to find one in your area.) If you can see, I also will use the meal prep containers for my lunches and my husband’s.

       4. Afternoon Snack:

  • Tuna pouch and celery (Maybe you do not like tuna, that's okay. Grab some low sodium fat-free lunch meat.)

       5. Dinner:

  • Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Chili

Say this with me: PINTEREST IS MY JAM!! I get so bored with the same food so I use Pinterest to find ideas. I also take advantage of using my crockpot. Let’s be honest, I work 13 hour days Monday through Friday and every day it is a choice whether I want to be healthy and be an example to others around me, so, I find the hacks.

Something I want to leave you with for this month is that this does not happen overnight. It is not easy but just take one step at a time.

Join the gym if that is going to help hold you accountable.

Focus on healthy eating this month and 30 minutes of activity a day.

YOU are worth it!

TaNesha is located in South Carolina, she is a personal trainer in the Columbia area. If you are interested in her services, contact her at You can also follow along with her on Facebook. Instagram, and her jam - Pinterest

What are your fitness plans for the year? Please share them below - we would love to hear from you! Happy New Year!

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