Fearfully and Wonderfully Esteemed in Christ | Guest Blogger - Sierra Folder

I am so glad to feature Sierra as TLG's guest blogger! I have always, always appreciated her kind and sweet spirit. She's gorgeous, has the biggest heart and has blessed me in ways I will always be grateful for. God specifically spoke to my heart about connecting with Sierra to write about this topic.  And let me tell you, her words are going to bless you. I have to be reminded from time to time that I'm worth more than my mistakes and imperfections, so reading this blessed me so much.  I'm so glad God brought Sierra to my mind to feature her story here. I pray that you are encouraged by her words. Happy reading!

"My princess!"
"My doll baby!"
"The most beautiful girl in the world!"

I was so used to hearing this from my family and I believed it. I believed every word, until I was subjected to the opinions of other people who saw me through their eyes.

Rejection: Dad was gone. The boys didn't like me. 
Questions: "Why you look like that?"

"Why are you so boney?""You'd be so much prettier if you got your gap closed." 
Weird looks.....It was really awful.

Then, I grew up and grew into my looks. My dad was back in my life. The guys wanted to talk to me. No one mentioned my weight and they talked about how they loved my gap.

Better, right?


I was good on the outside but no where near good on the inside. I was a broken spirit, going into 'already' broken situationships and relationships, breaking hearts in the process just to end up broken hearted myself.

I didn't know me. I didn't know my worth. I didn't know who I was.

I didn't know WHOSE I was.

One of the most quoted scriptures we women use to encourage ourselves as it relates to our overall beauty is:

I will praise you; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made...
— Psalm 139:14a 

I spoke this scripture to myself a lot but I didn't really believe it because I didn't know what it truly meant. God's Word teaches us to not have the spirit of fear, but to fear God, so in this instance, I didn't understand what it meant to be fearfully made.

It's impossible to believe something spoken into you, through self or through someone else, if you don't understand what it means.

The word 'fearfully' in this scripture means, with heartfelt interest, with respect, and with reverence. Just as we are to fear God through respect and reverence, He had that same respect and reverence in His heart when He made us. The scripture goes on to say:

...Marvelous are your works; and my soul knows right well.
— Psalm 139:14b

So, if the Word teaches me that God made me with His Heart and His reverence, that all of His works are marvelous, and my soul knows this....how could I NOT know?

How could I not esteem myself to the level which He created me?

How could I look to others to validate how I feel about me?

How could I not see the value in me, His value in me?

I needed to really know God...His ways towards me, His thoughts towards me and His Heart towards me. How would I learn my value if I didn't know the Heart of my creator, the one who values me the most?

Who better to teach me, right?

Ladies, this has been the most tedious part of my journey. Failed relationships, rejection, brokenness....all of the things that are thought to drive us away from Him are really designed to bring us nearer to Him, only He can restore them. In those moments of brokenness, we are vulnerable to hear and receive His words, His reassurance, His guidance and His love.

There is absolutely no way to know your true value without knowing the Heart of the one who created you. Your looks, money, success and attention does not equal value nor does it validate your place in this world.

God can give you an assignment, a thought or a vision, but if your security isn't in Him, you can't fulfill what He has given you. He can tell you to go forth and to leap into unfamiliar areas, but without the faith of knowing who you already are in Christ, how will you fuel the fire of the authority He has already given you? 

Your identity is in Christ, your worth is found in Him. Everything you need to know about you is already in YOU, but the only way to get to know you is through HIM.

Get to know who He is so you can understand WHO you are. Once you do, you will love her, I PROMISE!

You shall be a crown of beauty in the hand of the LORD, and a royal diadem in the hand of your GOD.
— Isaiah 62:3

Love your sister,


Sierra is a Georgia native, she enjoys helping and loving others, running, singing and laughing. Currently, she is the owner of Elevated Beauty and has established herself over 4 years as a freelance makeup artist. She resides in Columbia, SC and services all of South Carolina. Follow Elevated Beauty on Instagram.