Podcast show #5: Comfort is a liar

Hey beautiful! I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Sunday! It's April, which means a NEW PODCAST for you, girl!

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Ladies, I'm just going to jump right in,

Our comfort will lie to us. We can do huge, mighty things for Jesus - but have no relationship with Him. 

My sin should be hated, but instead, I held it near. Because of that, my love for Jesus waxed cold. We can't fix ourselves we NEED Jesus. We need to repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness, to cover our sin with His precious blood.

When we make Him our Lord and Saviour, we will never be the same. Things won't be easy, we will still fall short, and life will still be hard at times, but Jesus will be with us, He will make us new, He will revive us.  In this episode, I share my testimony and how Easter Sunday 2018 changed my life forever.

Hope it blesses you!

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