Podcast show #2: The role of submission in marriage | with Tyson Richardson

Happy Christmas Eve to you! Can you believe tomorrow is Christmas??! Where did the year go!?

It's a new month, which means ISSA new podcast! Show #2 is here and I have the sexiest and the most fly special guest on my podcast this time around!


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EEEK! My husband, Tyson will be on the show, yall! YAS! Can't wait to share all that he and I chatted about on this month's podcast episode. It's all about the role of Biblical submission and what that looks like in marriage.

This topic is tough. So, let me just say, we do not have it mastered or perfected in our marriage. We are not professionals, we are not counselors and we are not experts - however, in our 4 years of being married, we have learned so much. We hope and pray that we can pass along some tips that we've learned along the way to bless others. We have stumbled in many ways but by God's grace, we are gaining more ground in this area as we mature together in our marriage. 

Marriage can be hard, y'all. There are beautiful moments and there are tough moments. Marriage is a blessed thing, but it is absolutely no joke. It's a laying down of yourself and your will and taking up God's Will in your marriage. It's making the choice to enjoy your spouse, embrace your spouse, support your spouse, have fun with your spouse, make love to your spouse, to forgive your spouse, to walk life out with your spouse through the good times and the hard times. That's not always easy, but I'm so glad for the power of God and His Word.

We will reference many scriptures on this podcast because we want God to get the glory, not our opinions. God's Word has all that we need inside of it. When rightly divided, it can be the roadmap to show us how to walk our marriages out in a godly way, hand in hand. That's what we desire for our marriage and for yours, that at the end of the day, we will still be walking side by side with the person we exchanged vows with.

I could talk about this all day, but I just wanted to give you all a preview of what to expect for the next show! I can't believe we are already in December and that is will be show #2 for The Lightingale podcast! I am also so, so glad to have my husband as my special guest! I am really excited!

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Lastly, I hope you are enjoying yourself this Christmas season and taking these last few weeks of the year to reflect on 2017. God has been so good to us, I am so grateful and thankful for EVERY hard lesson I had to learn this year. It's only to prepare us to be better vessels for the Master. Praise God.

I'm looking forward to what He has in store for us in 2018! YAY! The new year means we get closer and closer to holding our baby girl! AWW! Can't wait!

Talk with y'all soon and Merry Christmas!