Our baby girl, Olivia is finally here!

Welcome to the world, Olivia Wonder Richardson! Our sweet princess is FINALLY here! 


On February 1st, 2018 - we all welcomed this precious little girl into the world and into our lives. We are forever changed. I can't believe that I get to be a mom again, this time to a sweet princess.

February 1, 2018. Olivia Richardson (6 lbs, 15 oz) born at 9:12pm. 

February 1, 2018. Olivia Richardson (6 lbs, 15 oz) born at 9:12pm. 

After 9 months, we finally got to meet her. Let me just say, Olivia came on her own time. I got a little anxious when she went over her due date (January 29) but God sent some sweet sisters my way to encourage me.

I will say, as I waited, it got harder and harder to get in and out of bed, sitting and getting comfortable was impossible and I had to go to the bathroom like, every 2 seconds - but I continued to wait and prayed. Asking the Lord to help me to be a great mother to her and Elijah. And God's timing is perfect because in those extra 3 days - He further stabilized me and my hubby in our marriage and further prepared our hearts for our new addition. I was so thankful about that.


And just like with our first-born, my husband, Tyson was RIGHT there the whole time. So thankful for him. When it was time to push, he was so encouraging. He was able to see Olivia born and afterward, cut her little umbilical cord. He loves Olivia so much and he's been an amazing father to both of our kids. I am so blessed. 

Elijah Kal-El & Olivia Wonder

Elijah Kal-El & Olivia Wonder

Fun fact: Elijah AND Olivia were both born 40 weeks and 3 days - on a THURSDAY! Isn't that something?! My husband reminded me of that and it is such a special thing to think about.


I am so proud of our first born son, Elijah - he has done really well adjusting - and I thank the Lord for that. He is really sweet with Olivia. He likes to give her hugs and kisses and sometimes, he just likes to look at her. On the flipside, he also knows how to block her out when she is crying hysterically. He can be in his own little world playing and not pay Olivia any mind. So funny.

From time to time, we do have to remind him that we love and care about him, and that his new role as a big brother may take some getting used to, but we encourage him that he is more than capable of doing it. 


Another fun fact: We understand that our children have "unique" middle names, and we did that for a reason. Elijah's middle name is Kal-El, which is Superman's real name. More importantly, it also means, "voice of God" in Hebrew! We pray that Elijah will always be able to recognize the voice of the Lord and follow after Him. Olivia's middle name is Wonder, short for Wonder Woman! But more importantly, we pray that she always stands in wonder of Jesus. Never getting comfortable with the Lord and always realizing how amazing and wonderful He is in her life and in the lives of others.


My baby girl. I am still in disbelief. It's difficult to put how I really feel into words. God has seriously blessed me many, many, many times over and I am just so glad and grateful to Him. I just look at Olivia and thank the Lord.

I very much look forward to our relationship. I really, really do.

So glad that I have the amazing honor to pray over her and declare the goodness of Jesus over her life, what a wonderful, incredible, joyful thing. So, so grateful.

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