My sister, TaNesha Bryant is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, blogger and a personal trainer in Columbia, South Carolina. I am so honored that she agreed again to share some tips to help us reach our 2018 fitness goals!

She shares all the deets and drops some serious knowledge for us today! So, let's get into it!

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Here we are 2018.

We set our resolutions and started off strong. Now it is March. The motivation is waning, the pollen is aggravating while our results are lacking.

What do we do?

We quit!

Just kidding! I would be lying if I didn’t say I have been on the edge of quitting. I haven’t been able to do much of any physical activity in 2018. Between struggling with sickness and undergoing a procedure, I had to take a seat. It was in this that I realized how important our mental health is during our fitness journey. We are our worse enemy. The scale runs a close second.


Health is whole. Mind, spirit and body. You can not neglect one and expect the others to respond. Of course, that put me in a predicament - if I can not do physical, does that mean I am neglecting my body? Our bodies are more then our physical abilities. It is what we choose to eat, drink and the amount of sleep we get each night.

As a mother and wife, I find that managing my time is the hardest thing when trying to keep my temple in check. I am going to share the steps I am taking so that I can be successful. I pray they will help you.

Accountability Team

Find one that works with your life. Maybe it’s a Facebook group or maybe it’s a group of moms that workout together. Maybe your children can be part of that team. My boys love working out with me. One of their favorite things is to walk by the river. To the point of them harassing me when it’s nice outside. We have also done interval workouts in the neighborhood. We run for a period of time, jump rope, squats, etc.


 Meal prep simplified

Failed. That’s the word for how this has gone for me. Since I have failed with meal prepping, my diet has failed. So, I took a different approach. I found freezer crock pot meals. I found a menu that has 7 meals, it even includes the shopping list.

So, what I do is - prep everything, throw it in the freezer and the day of put it in the crockpot. Not only does this help with my diet but it makes me be successful as a wife and mom.


We are not perfect. We fall short. Don’t continually beat yourself up for being less than. Forgive yourself and know that each day is a new day that you can set your goals and try again. Don’t feel guilty for hanging out with your significant other and children instead of going to the gym. Use those moments to create a new level of accountability.

Pause, reset and move forward  - but never, ever quit.

TaNesha is located in South Carolina, she is a personal trainer in the Columbia area. If you are interested in her services, contact her at You can also follow along with her on FacebookInstagram, and her jam - Pinterest

Any other ideas? Please share them below - we would love to hear from you! 

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