Hi, there! I'm Danielle, founder of the lightingale!

You being here means so much! Thanks for taking the time to visit. I am a proud wife to Tyson and together we have 2 beautiful children, Elijah and Olivia. The Lightingale started in 2015 because I love writing and I’ve always loved to encourage others in Jesus, women particularly. 

I gotta say, the tassle was certainly worth the hassle; I graduated from the University of South Carolina - Columbia in 2010 with a B.A in Mass Communications! (Let's go, Gamecocks!) So, blogging and creating is right up my alley!

The sole purpose of this space is to encourage and empower the imperfect woman in the perfect love of Christ.

So, that's me. That's you. We are in this together.

This space is for the woman who just got married and is navigating her new life, for the already married mama that stays at home with her children, and for the single woman who just needs to know she is loved, valued and cared about. You've come to the right place. I'm right there with you. The one thing that connects us all is that we haven't always gotten it right. We all have some chapters that we would rather not be read aloud. But the amazing thing is that Jesus sees all of us and still loves us.

What Jesus did on the cross is the greatest thing anyone would ever do for us. He died while we ladies were yet sinners. The life He offers us is everlasting and it's a free and beautiful gift.

That's why The Lightingale exists. To point you to the Light of the world. The One who traded His perfection for our imperfections. The One who loves us totally, completely and fully. The Holy One of heaven, Jesus. He wants a relationship with us!

It's good news, my sister.

Through Christ, we can not only be saved by grace through faith, but we can serve the Lord encouraged and empowered in Him.

As God's girls, WE can rest in His everlasting love for us.

Thanks again for stopping by! 

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